Wednesday, 2 February 2011


It's official - I am exhausted. Onur and his cough (poor baby of mine) kept me awake most of the night, when he would cry Kaya would wake up, so I would be running to Onur's room to soothe him, then back to mine to feed Kaya, then back to Onur's room, then more feeding of Kaya - pretty tiring stuff! Although Onur seems much better today, Kaya's now got a little runny and stuffy nose. My poor angels.
Kaya is having a nap (he's probably tired from last night too!) and Onur is in his highchair eating lunch. They woke up between half six and seven today, which is better than the previous days at least!

Just had a writing break to put the washing on and do the dishes - Onur definitely seems better today as he's up off the sofa today and talking to his "friends" on his Winnie the Pooh phone :) Definitely less wheezy and breathing better today too - yay!
Think I still make take hubby up on his offer of a couple of hours sleep later though, as Grey's Anatomy is on tonight and I don't want to sleep through it!!

Plans for today - catch up on some sleep, pop to Sainsburys for a little top up shopping, make chicken and potatoes and veg for dinner, hang out the laundry and put the colours on, email some companies about getting raffle prizes for our Comic Relieft event, and maybe make some flapjacks!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Shift Done!

Well the boys are in bed and I'm having a well deserved rest on the sofa, waiting for "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" to start!
Today wasn't so bad I suppose, I did get a few things done after hubby woke up, but there is still so much to do and I'm just exhausted and trying to muster the energy for it! Berat said not to bother, he'd help tomorrow so I'm just going to do the bare essentials and then relax and prepare for the night ahead - I just know Onur will be up a hundred times ("Dalpol, mummy!) and Kaya is still on his 3 month growth spurt so there will be feeding a-plenty!!

I can't believe Kaya is three months old already - or that Onur is 2!!

It's funny, but once the boys are tucked up in bed, I get an urge to consume everything in the house, is that normal?? It's going to be my downfall if I ever get round to starting Slimming World!! I always say "I'm going to keep healthy snacks around the house" - well I guess it's not a lie, I do keep them around the house but I don't eat them!

Clinging Monkeys

I am chained to my sofa today. Onur has the sniffles and wants a whole array of things - "Drink! Apple! Socks! Different Socks! Robotboy! Scooby Doo!" - and Kaya starts to scream whenever the Boobs Of Yum move out of his field of vision.

May go stir crazy before the day ends. At least I got my Heat magazine delivered today and so will have something to amuse me while Onur watches endless cartoons and Kaya uses me as a dummy!