Friday, 27 May 2011

Happy Birthday, Honey!

Today is my darling husband's birthday. I got him one of the dual screen digital cameras as a surprise, which he loved when he unwrapped it early this morning :)
We're having a surprise party for him on Sunday, and my aunt and uncle have got him an angle grinder (yes, it's what he wanted!!) which he's going to be so happy about!

The weather is absolute pants again today!! The boys have colds so we're all snuggled up watching CBeebies :) Berat's upstairs sleeping as he was working last night, he said we'll go to Harvester when he wakes up, yay! I have just been so exhausted lately, I think I'm going to have to start taking a multivitamin or something, I mean looking after two children under 2 and a half as well as breastfeeding - quite tiring!
Wouldn't change it for the world though :)

I am LOVING my breastfeeding training, and DEFINITELY looking to pursue it as a career. I think you have to have a certain degree of enthusiasm in the subject, and my course tutor and the other main women I have met all think I have it. I definitely am passionate about more breastfeeding mums!! Since I have started the course, I've learned so much and sharing that knowledge with others has been very rewarding for me. Can't wait to actually go out and start putting it into practise!

Over at the other blog, quite a few of my friends are deciding to take a break. The site has changed so much from what it used to be. It's a shame, but if I need to write, I come here now.
And speaking to some friends, I now have a clearer idea of why the other friend cut me out of her life, and to be honest, I think she did the right thing. She would never have been able to stay impartial and it would always have been awkward. She has an unhealthy way of thinking about things sometimes and was quite negative - I am consciously trying to surround myself with positive people, so like I said, I think she did the right thing.

Losing some friends was hard, but I have gained some AWESOME friends over the past year. As well as Emmy, Catriona and Kate, who've been my lovely friends and confidantes for a long time now, I have got closer with Christie and Jess of late, and I am so grateful for their friendship.

I just like to look for the positives. :) I should go now, and play with Onur :)

Friday, 20 May 2011

Dark Hair

Have just dyed my hair dark brown - it's still wet but seems to look very nice, and for some reason I feel sexier!

I had every intention of coming up to bed with the laptop and writing an article on breastfeeding, but instead I've been chatting with the girls from my netmums group and we've organised a mums night out for the 5th of June, so not a totally wasted evening :)

And anyway, here I am writing and writing something is better than writing nothing at all :) Although I would rather be reading Gone With The Wind!

Had a really good chat with Christie last night, I think I know why Laura cut me out now, not that she in any way betrayed her confidence. Christie is such an amazingly strong woman and a fabulous friend. I wish she lived nearer.
I have been so disillusioned and disappointed by a lot of my friends since moving back to England, but never Christie. I was saying to Berat how before moving back here I thought all my REAL friends were here, when really all along they were the ones in Cyprus. Of course there are exceptions to this rule! But on the whole, I think it's fair to say that.

Right, it's 11pm now. I really am going to go and read Gone With The Wind for a while before sleeeeeep.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Early Bird

It's half seven and I'm up before the boys, so I thought I'd come and write a little. I must get back into the habit of writing, especially here!

So the other day I signed up Onur for nursery school, which he'll start when he's three, in January! Very exciting! They also had their immunisations, and I had my birth control injection (extremely important, haha!) and basically I've just been running around so much lately! Breastfeeding training is brilliant, so interesting, I'm really enjoying it and have made some lovely friends, both from my fellow course-mates and from my future colleagues. For the first time since working at Property NC, I've seen something I would like to do as a career that isn't writing or editing.

Kaya has three teeth now, two bottom and one top right, and is commando crawling already, so active! It's so lovely watching him and Onur together. And Onur, wow, growing up so fast. He's memorised a couple of his books, and it almost brings a tear to my eye watching him 'read' them, complete with actions, such a clever, loving boy.

We went to Chessington on Saturday, had a really great time. Didn't even get to see and do everything we wanted to! Onur loved the rides and the animals, especially the meerkats, which Berat won a huge stuffed one of! It was a great day. We should have another great day on Sunday, as we're going down to Portsmouth for a BBQ with Jess and her soon-to-be-husband James and of course Gorgeous George, but hopefully Kate will be joining us too!
Very much looking forward to that, let's hope it's BBQ weather.

Speaking of BBQs, I am thinking of planning a surprise one for Berat's birthday the week after next - just thinking right now, LOL!

Right, I'd better start waking everyone up, it's 5 to 8 and Berat's got college and I'm taking the boys to Yummy Mummy (our local breastfeeding support group) today!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I really am having an exceptionally busy day today, I will absolutely come and write later, I just wanted to put a few words down here as I haven't written anywhere in ages - I say anywhere, I suppose I am referring to my other online blog, where lately...I just hate the place. Everything about it feels wrong, I think I had a grand total of four comments on my last entry - not that I do it for the notes, obviously, I write here and nobody comments because nobody reads and that is fine! But I KNOW people there read, because they are my friends in real life and if they haven't read, then why not? And if they have read, they why haven't they noted? I suppose I have been feeling really weird and unwanted in regards to that site anyway, since Laura deleted me from her life.
Anyhow. I will come back and write about my day later - not least that Kaya is now extremely mobile and commando crawling all over the place :)