Thursday, 17 May 2012

Deep Heat

My husband tried to kill me the other day. It's true! I've had this pain near my shoulder blade which is like a pulled muscle or trapped nerve, so I got asked him to put some of that Deep Heat muscle rub on it. This was a big mistake. :)
He put LOADS on, all over my back, but at first I didn't feel it, I just lay there and thought, ooh, that's a nice warm feeling. Soon, the nice warm feeling turned into holy fire on my back and my heartbeat started playing like a drum in my ears. I felt sick and sat up. I asked him how much he'd put on and he said he'd covered my back! All of a sudden I came up in a rash down both arms so we quickly rushed to the shower and scrubbed it all off. Once I'd got out and dry it was a bit better, although of course because I'd been so hot, dropping to a normal temperature seemed freezing to me and I had to have three blankets!

All better now though!

In other news, I've just been extremely busy helping to plan for the local NCT Nearly New Sale on Saturday, and as I've been in charge of the raffle I've been busy trying to get prizes! Wonder if there will be any bargains to grab on Saturday? Someone said they got a Trunki for a fiver - I'd love one (well two really!) of those for the boys.

Onur's at school, Kaya is being amused by Mr Tumble and I've just been catching up with emails etc. The most exciting thing that's happening is that my friends Nicole and Brendan are visiting this weekend!! I cannot wait. I wish they could bring their Dungeons and Dragons with them and finally teach me :)

OK, Kaya's naptime so I have to go!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday BBQ

I don't know if I've ever mentioned before, but our main desktop PC is hooked up to our TV in the lounge. Convenient as this is for downloading and watching films, it's not very conducive to writing a blog or even emails, if I'm honest. So I was looking around my house for somewhere I could create a little nook, and by jove I've found it. The fridge was originally in this little nook in the kitchen, but by moving it out of the nook and just next to it, and by Berat helpfully cutting our old computer desk down to the right size, I now have a little office nook! It's by no means finished - I want a shelf up high and I think I might paper the wall I'm facing, but it's a start and I'm very happy about it!

The other project we currently have on the go is a chair we found outside in the street, which someone had dumped. It's solid wood and very sturdy but has no cushions. We both fell in love at first sight and we're going to sand it, paint it (possibly white) and then make new cushions for it!

We had the family over for a BBQ today, it was lovely. I love to feed people and make them happy! My cousins taught me to play card games too, one of which was Cheat (Bullshit), which surprisingly I was no good at! We had a really fun day though, it was fab.

My poor little Onur is in the wars, though you wouldn't think it to look at him, he's such an amazing boy (I know, I'm biased) he hardly complains and he's just the best son anyone could ask for! He has a UTI plus an eye infection, so he's on both oral and topical antibiotics  and drops for his eyes. He also has a cold and a cough! I knew something was up when he went from being completely potty trained and having no accidents, to wetting himself three times a day and at night too. He's still having little accidents (in fact whilst writing this I've had to go and change him and all his bedsheets!) but I'm sure the antibiotics will kick in by tomorrow.

Kaya is, well, he's just Kaya. He's such a lovable monkey! He also has a cough and a cold, but does that slow him down? HELL no :)
He woke me up this morning calling for me -

Kaya: Mum mum!
Me: What?
Kaya: Lublub! (This is how he says the Turkish babytalk name for a willy!)
Me: What's wrong with bulluk (the actual word!)?
Kaya: Wet.

I love that he's able to explain himself so well at 18 months; he learns so much from Onur. He really wants to go to school with him, it's so cute. He take a little bag when we walk Onur to school, because Onur has his book bag, and when we get to the school he points into Onur's classroom :)

I really am very lucky at how quickly and easily Onur has settled into Nursery School! He  absolutely loves it and his teachers are always full of praise for him :)

Right, so I'm off to bed. I'm currently reading The Virgin's Lover by Philippa Gregory, as I love all this historical fiction, especially about the Tudors. In fact I've recently found out that underneath the Ministry of Defence building in Whitehall, is an INTACT ORIGINAL Henry VIII wine cellar that used to be in Whitehall Palace. I'm determined to see it one day, but I think they only accept group bookings.

Night all!